The process of editing involves a series of steps that require time and patience in order to provide a solid discussion of what’s right and where the author faces challenges. There are subtle differences between editing a work of fiction, and a nonfiction document, but in both cases there are three steps the editor will follow:

  1. Reading
  2. Comprehending
  3. Marking up the document

A good editor understands the basics such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. But for a work of fiction one should fold in a multitude of techniques that the author must conquer in order to turn out a good piece of fiction – interesting and engaging.

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What is an Index? The index is the pathway to knowledge for the reader. An index is not just a list of words placed alphabetically at the end of a book; it is a means for locating information in a simple and logical way.

Preparing an index is a complex process and requires organizational skills, material comprehension, and patience. Deadlines are generally inflexible once the clock starts ticking.

Indexing is not a difficult process, but one that requires concentration and attention to detail.

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