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Travels With Judy

Nice Farms is a three-generation family-owned and operated farm just outside of Federalsburg, MD. When we arrived, we met Mrs. Miller who walked us over to the where the Jersey cows were munching away on their hay. Every cow on the farm has a name and is part of the family. (What great pets!) And we got a great introduction to the history of the farm and how they operate.

Their products include milk (whole, skim, and chocolate!), buttermilk, yogurt, ice cream, cheeses, and butter (and I probably missed a few items!). I came home with milk, butter, ice cream, and buttermilk. Now, a lot of people don't like buttermilk...I happen to love it! And I've already polished off 1/2 of the quart. 

Nice Farms also has a delivery service to many locations on the Shore, and I see deliveries in my future! They partner with other farms as well, and those products are part of their delivery service. To learn more about Nice Farms, visit www.nicefarmsmd.com. If you are local and interested in ordering, be sure to visit their website: www.curbsidecow.com. Or go to the farm and chat with a cow! 25786 Auction Rd, Federalsburg, MD 21632, 410-829-4456. Support local Maryland farms, you won't be disappointed.

What a great day to travel through the Eastern Shore.