indexing experience

Indexing Experience

  • Enough Said! A Guide to Gardening Through the Seasons, The Annapolis Horticultural Society
  • A Guide for the Freelance Indexer, by April Michelle Davis
  • Irenaeus on the Christian Faith, by Dr. James Payton, 
  • Business NLP For Dummies, Portable Edition
  • Adam as Israel, Genesis 1–3 as the Introduction to the Torah and Tanakh; by Seth Postell
  • Jesus after Modernity: A21st-Century Critique of Our Modern Concept of Truth and the Truth of the Gospel, by James P. Danaher
  • Secularization and the Working Class, edited by Lukáš Fasora, Jirí Hanuš, and Jirí Malír
  • Anaconda, Montana by Patrick Morris
  • Getting the Reformation Wrong by Dr. James Payton
  • Have You Considered My Servant, David; by Denessa Luckette
  • Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions: [two volume] (Brill's Series in Church History) editors: Jitse van der Meer; Scott H. Mandelbrote
  • African American Folktales (Stories from the American Mosaid); editor, Thomas A. Green
  • Native American Folktales, ed. Thomas A. Green
  • One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science by Eric & Natalie Yoder
  • The Art of Management by Peg Thoms and James F. Fairbank; 
  • Gambling on the American Dream: Atlantic City and the Casino Era by Dr. James Karmel
  • A History of Agricultural Economics at Illinois:
    Scholarship and Service 1932–2007

    By Theresa Boian Miller
  • Youth At Risk, edited by Capuzzi and Gross
    Fifth edition, 
  • Stitching Identities by Sandya Hewamanna
  • Light From the Christian East by James R. Payton, Jr., 
  • Sleeping with Your Baby
     Platypus Media
  • National Association of Independent Schools
    The Strategic Process
  • National Association of Independent Schools
    2007 International Trustee Handbook

  • National Association of Independent Schools
    2007 Trustee handbook 9th Edition

  • An Observant Eye: The Thoreau Collection at the Concord Museum by David F. Wood
  • The Last Crusade: Americanism and the Islamic Reformation, by Michael A. Palmer
  • 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science, Platypus Media 
  • Free Agency and Competitive Balance in Baseball by Ronald W. Cox
  • The Retirement Activities Guide by Bruce Juell
  • History & Essays of Granville, Ohio
    "Vol I - A Purpose. A Plan. A Place" - ISBN 0-9755757-0-8
    "Vol II - Reflections & Impressions"
  • MSTA (Maryland State Teachers Association) Annual Directory
  • Heritage Guide to Kent County, by Kent County Heritage, Inc.
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