The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ©

Molly Cochran stood ankle deep in freshly cut grass clippings watching a brown woolly-bear scurry across hot pavement. She fanned the still air around her face with a small piece of cardboard. Raising her hand to shade her eyes from the burning sun, she gazed across the harbor at the lighthouse and the open sea beyond. Waves of damp humid air hung over Hulston Harbor – moist air trapping the town below the surrounding hills.

She turned at the sound of metal scraping against metal. She watched as her brother Zachary set the old wooden swing in her mother’s garden it into a slow, rhythmic motion. Molly wandered over and flopped down next to him. He ignored her and she sat in silence, kicking at dandelions that sprouted beneath her feet.

—"So, Zack, what do you want to do?" she asked.

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2008 Second Place winner in the Caroline County (MD) Arts Council Short Story Contest

© Roy Bartels 2012