A Hole in the Sky

A Hole in the Sky ©

“Comus, come here.” The grizzled old man commanded.

“Yes, grandfather.” 

“Comus, you have reached a time in your life when you must step over the boundaries of childhood and take your place with the other braves of the tribe.”

Comus winced. He knew this time would come but had silently hoped it would be forgotten. He did not look forward to taking part in the tribal rituals that had been set forth for all young men as they reached their twelfth year.

“Grandfather, don’t you think that maybe this is old stuff? ”

“Comus,” his grandfather cut him off. “In order to pass into manhood, you must follow this ritual. The ritual is important to your life, and to your tribe. We are one family and if you do not do this, your soul will drift through eternity, with no common resting place.” The old man placed a bony hand on Comus’ shoulder. “I remember when I was your age. I too questioned the truth of our rites, but I came to understand what this means to us.”

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2010 Third Place winner in the Caroline County (MD) Arts Council Short Story Contest

© Roy Bartels 2012